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Diabetes and Children – the Numbers Keep Getting Worse

By regst
Diabetes and Children - the Numbers Keep Getting Worse

Children with diabetes are becoming a major problem in this country and around the world. This childhood epidemic is growing. More children are overweight. According to the American Diabetes Association over 80% of children and adolescents that are getting the diabetes disease are overweight.

What is the concern?

If there is an epidemic and more children and adolescents are either pre diabetic or diabetic then we indeed have some serious issues that we will be facing. With one potential subject being that people will have diabetes for a longer period of time in their lives. With this problem, more care will be needed and more resources will be used over an extended period of time. So we will need to be prepared for the long haul.

Our lifestyles have changed over the last 40 years. With the advent of the computer we are living more sedentary lives. Video games, a multi billion dollar a year business is also contributing to an inactive lifestyle. It has become the way of the world to sit and play.

What can we do for our children?

As an adult you can deliver the message to your children in a way that they can benefit from what you have found out about the diabetes disease. This disease is similar for adults as it is for children. If you eat healthy and exercise you can avoid the diabetes disease or reduce complications if you have the diabetes disease. If you have diabetes then eating smart an exercising is not an option. It is something you must do to get healthy.

Love you children no matter what. I know this sounds kind of corny, but if your child is overweight he or she probably knows that. Support her by encouraging her to create good eating habits. Like fruits and vegetables. Avoid foods that cause diabetes like sugar, and foods that contain high levels of trans and saturated fats.

Make sure they feel like they are okay. Don’t sit around eating a bag of potato chips while you deny your child the snack. Take on some activities that require movement. Like going to the park to play some ball, or to the beach to go swimming. You are the role model for your children. If you act in a way that is healthy, they are more likely to do the same thing. Set up times to play together. You and your child can ride bicycles, play ball, swim or go on walks together. Your health and relationship with your kid will also improve.

Helping your child at this critical point in their lives is one thing that can enhance your relationship forever.

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