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Diabetes Symptom – You Can Do A Self-Check Of This Fatal Disease

By regst
Diabetes Symptom - You Can Do A Self-Check Of This Fatal Disease

Are you finding yourself battling dizziness? Do you have the need to wake up and use the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning? Is you weight yo-yoing for no apparent reason? These are symptoms that have been associated with diabetes. If you answered yes to more than one of these diabetes symptom questions, you should see your doctor. But, if you answered yes to these questions, don’t automatically assume that you are diabetic. Following are some things to keep in mind when waiting to talk to your doctor.

There are two types of diabetes; Type one or Type II that show different symptoms. Blood sugar levels in the body that are elevated is a hallmark of the disease. And insulin production, or rather how it is used, is what differentiates the two types.

Type I diabetes is where there is not enough insulin made by the body to balance sugar levels in the blood. Teenagers and young children are more common like to have this which is why this is also known as Juvenile Diabetes.

When the body struggles to produce insulin is the Type II diabetes. This is the more common form of the ailment. Between the ages of 35-45 is when this will usually show itself. Also, three to five percent of pregnant women will experience gestational diabetes. The hormonal imbalance during pregnancy is the reason for this to occur during the 24th to 28 week of pregnancy.

There are a few major considerations when checking to see if the given symptoms and some minor ones as well. However, it is important to know that even minor diabetes symptoms, if left untreated can cause major problems. Amputation and loss of eyesight are some problems that can happen when major diabetes symptoms are ignored.

Excessive thirst is one of the minor diabetes symptoms. Even after a full meal, some people will still feel hungry. Frequent urination, particularly in the middle of the night is another sign that you may have diabetes. Fatigue is another thing that may point to diabetes as well as a sudden change in weight. I large weight gain, or more commonly, weight loss, is something to talk your doctor.

Blurred vision is an example of a major diabetic symptom that can lead to blindness if not treated. Tingling and numbness in the hands and feet can also occur as well as a weaken immune system. Dry or overly itchy skin can result from a reduced sweat gland and decreased circulation.

Additional problems can happen with any major or minor diabetes symptoms are ignored. Diabetics, for example, suffer from foot problems and poor circulation; these are urgent things to be taken care of. When your feet aren’t happy, generally speaking, the rest of you aren’t happy either.

Performing a self check on the internet before you go to your family doctor will help you determine whether or not you are experiencing more than one diabetes symptom. You find checklists and quizzes on line that may help you detect the aliment. You will want to make an appointment when ever you fell it is necessary to do so, but if the list gets too long, make the appointment whether or not you feel like it is a must.


There are several symptoms associated with diabetes. If you suspect this is what has been bothering you, go on line and look for checklists and quizzes. Major and minor diabetes symptoms to look for are dizziness, nerve damage, blurred vision and excessive thirst and hunger.

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Sian Welby discusses with Dr Chris Steele the symptoms of diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is most prevalent in young people, whereas Type 2 is more likely to be found in older people. Type 2 represents 90% of all cases. Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes: Symptoms can come on very rapidly, and include intense thirst, need to pass urine frequently, weight loss, and recurrent infections. For Type 2 Diabetes, on average a sufferer will ahve the disease for 7 years before it is diagnosed. Symptoms come on …

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What are the symptoms of becoming a diabetic?
My husband is having the sypmtoms of a diabetic, I don't know if this is one of the symptoms though, while he urinates it burns. Please respond back, other than that he has all the other symptoms, I don't know if this has happen to you or know anybody if so PLEASE get back to me THANK YOU!!

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the only thing i know that has helped with diabetes is actually alex chiu’s magnetic discovery


Diabetic symptoms include excess urination, frequent thirst, extreme hunger, changed vision, weakness in the arms and legs and sleeping more than normal. These are some of the major symptoms. However, in type 2 diabetics symptoms are not always visible. Most of the type 2 diabetics doesn't experience any symptoms. Fasting glucose test doesn't always detect diabetes. For some people fasting glucose test reads normal but the oral glucose tolerance test indicates that they are diabetic. It's always better to perform oral glucose tolerance test, it would detect pre-diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance apart from confirming diabetes.

It is really a shame that majority of the physicians and the hospitals in the United States doesn't perform oral glucose tolerance test. Doctors still doesn't have good understanding of diabetes. Insurance companies doesn't provide glucose testing meter until the individual is diagnosed with diabetes. There is no means for an individual to check either for pre-diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance or for that matter even diabetes. Fight against diabetes could never be won in this life time, with the existing broken system in place..


The first obvious symptoms are a sudden weight loss or gain, accompanied by excessive drinking and urination
the next symptom is vision problems and cataracts,
watch for noticeable thinning of the skin and apparent fragility: these are also serious and indicate that the animal is metabolizing (breaking down) its own body fat and muscle to survive. Dehydration is also common by this point and death can follow quickly.

the losing of the weight is not a good sign and can mean other things also. The best thing to do is go to the vet.


my grand grandfather on my moms side is the only known diabetic in the family tree and i have type 1. so i’d say, there’s always a chance if you have someone in your family tree that have had.


Stiff neck could be meningitis (esp if you are in college) or a pulled muscle or torticollis or something else??.


It is not a good idea assume that you have a disease condition depending on some symptoms. Consult your doctor and have some blood work done.


i was diagnosed at 3 and was told i had many of the same symptoms obv carnt remember myself but u sed ur blood glucose was over 700, i can tell you now thats wrong ur very lucky to be alive if its over 100 never mind 700


Low blood sugar coupled with caffeine can give you those symptoms. Try either eating with your coffee or eating first and your coffee later. See if that makes the symptoms go away. If you can check your blood sugar when it happens you will know if it is low blood sugar, below 70.


. Here are the most common symptoms.

–Frequent urination (causing the kidneys to work harder) due to excessive urine
–Excessive thirst
–Tired and weak-flu like symptoms-causing maybe a slow down in activity levels
–Hunger and increased appetite-causing weight gain
–Weight loss in spite of eating more or weight gain fluctuations

Less common are
–Tiredness-just a general lack of energy from the food not being metabolized
–Dry skin
–Dry mouth-causing thirst
–Head aches and pains
–Blurred vision
–Yeast infections
–Difficulty in healing sores frequent infections
–Nerve damage-numbness in extremities


I've never read where shakiness is one of the symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis. I have, however, experienced shakiness when my glucose is high as well as when it's low. I've never been high enough for long enough to experience DKA. So I can't tell you from experience. Here's one of the more comprehensive sites:


My kitty is diabetic also. Same deal drinkin lots of water, frequent urination, peeing in places other than the box, loss of weight etc… There is a feline diabetes web site called they are really wonderful there if you have any questions. My girl is now regulated with food and off of insulin. hope this helps you & everything you will need to know is there along with a community of diabetic cat owners. They nickname a diabetic cat a "sugar cat"


well I have been Type I Diabetic for almost 30 years and the main symptoms are excessive thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, any cuts that dont heal promptly, blurred vision, should actually have weight loss, ( as ur body doesnt use glucose efffectively and burns excess fat as fuel),…….on the swollen ankles,..not sure but that sounds like "edema" to me…..but u may wanna call and see if u can get in to ur DR. sooner……good luck with everything,..let me know what happens,


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