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Sexuality and Diabetes

By regst


When taken care of at an early stage, diabetes can be tolerated to comfortable and manageable levels. Levels that can make an individual to live his or her life comfortably. Diabetes and sex  are two conditions where one does not favor the other. Diabetes is not sex-friendly. The greatest casualty of these disease is sex. The impacts of diabetes on sex are discouraging but at the same time such conditions that inhibit sex or are limiting to sexual intercourse can be worked on. Diabetes reduces sexual arousal in a woman. Her sex drive goes down tremendously thanks to diabetes. It becomes extremely difficult to arouse the woman sexually. The man or the husband finds himself torn by these situation. He feels he is not man enough when the wife cannot experience the expected sexual climax and eventual sexual satisfaction.

Sometimes it is difficult to separate diabetes and sex. Diabetes brings vaginal dryness with it. During intercourse, when the vagina is dry it becomes uncomfortable for the man and the woman.  Dryness  hurts and can be a major put off to a once vibrant sex life. Vaginal dryness should actually not be allowed to dampen the mood. There are so many gels and lubricants in the market which can improve your sex life.

Another bummer is erectile dysfunction which is the most common sexual disorder among men linked to diabetes. High blood sugars damage blood vessels around the Penis. This makes the blood flow not to be optimal at the required essential areas. When things go out of hand, more problems are bound to occur. For instance some men will develop impotence due to nerve damage or neuropathies. However these is still not the end of the road as doctors are very willing to offer key solutions. These are complications associated with diabetes and are very real.

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