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Researchers say that dietary modifications can help pregnant women with gestational diabetes avoid certain complications.

Because infants born to mothers with gestational diabetes tend to be larger and fatter than average at birth, they also have an increased likelihood of certain birth complications, of being obese as children, and of developing type 2 diabetes as adults. Read More→

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Diabetes in Children

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Diabetes among Children

Diabetes among Children

Even Children, like adults, are often diagnosed with diabetes. Most children have type 1 or juvenile diabetes that will require insulin on a regular basis to sustain proper body functions. There are growing numbers of children that are now being diagnoses with type 2 diabetes that has historically only been found in adult populations.

Most facts about children and diabetes highlight the i Read More→

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Diabetes and Children - the Numbers Keep Getting Worse

Children with diabetes are becoming a major problem in this country and around the world. This childhood epidemic is growing. More children are overweight. According to the American Diabetes Association over 80% of children and adolescents that are getting the diabetes disease are overweight.

What is the concern?

If there is an epidemic and more children and adolescents are either pre diabetic or diabetic th Read More→

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